Walker distances

While destination walkers will go on virtually forever (at least a long way) to reach their destination, roaming walkers such as inspectors, diviners and acupuncturists will only go so far, turn around and walk back to the building they came from using the shortest road available. In the following table you'll see all roaming walkers listed and the distance they will walk (in tiles) before turning around:

Building Walker Image Distance in tiles
Well Water carrier 33
Herbalist's stall Herbalist 30
Acupuncturist's Clinic Acupuncturist 30
Inspector's tower Inspector 33
Watchtower Guard 33
Ancestral shrine Diviner 41
Buddhist shrine/pagoda Buddhist Monk 41
Daoist shrine/temple Daoist Priest 41
Confucian academy Scholar 41
Tax Office Tax collector 33
Market square Peddler 49
Market square Announcer 41