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Deborah king
Jul 15, 2003 - USA
Nice website! Very useful information - I have printed many pages & keep them in a notebook for reference when playing.
Jul 17, 2003 - usa
just bought the game, will revisit when i'm stuck :)
Alvaro Prieto
Jul 24, 2003 - Brazil
Amazing... the best one fansite for ROMK!
Jul 29, 2003 - USA
Great Site!
Thanks for all the superb info! :)
Aug 19, 2003 - China
Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
Aug 19, 2003 - China
I want the PDF documents about how to play the game, would you do me the favor to post to me ? Thank you very much!
Tim (rebl/Gweilo)
Aug 31, 2003 - USA
I just wanted to say 'thanks' for putting together this website. It is a wonderful reference for the game, and I return here many times. Good work!
Sep 5, 2003 - australia
Emperor is a COOL game!
Keith Warren
Sep 8, 2003 - US
Kick ass game
martin aka skip
Sep 14, 2003 - Flevoland
leuk de veranderingen die je heb gemaakt aan je site zoals het geel worden van sommige hrefs(links)
Er valt nog veel te leren van jouw...
Sep 17, 2003 - England
Just ordered the game online, cant wait to get it. Just want to say thanks to the people who brought out this site, I hopefully wont need it, but u know its gonna be on my favourites list for wen i get stuck!
Oct 4, 2003 - canada
i love this site and everything about them.
Oct 4, 2003 - USA
nice cheats. i like the earthquake cheat
nice site to
malcon ferrell
Oct 8, 2003 - USA
Thanks for your site !! I'm struggling in the game ,but thanks to this site i have learned valuable info that hepls answer some of the continuos questions i have had when playing a campain.
Oct 18, 2003 - Denmark
i have a little questions
how do i get a plain cottage
to be a attractive cottage?
håber det er rigtigt!
Chris Montrose
Oct 25, 2003 - United States
I'm addicted to this game, have to play everynight. Thanks for this great site, it's really helped.
Andrew Bako
Nov 10, 2003 - USA
This is the most addictive game since X-com:UFO Defense and Masters of Orion I. If they make a sequel I hope they expand the military/conquest part-something like a mix of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Nobunga's(spelling) Ambition and this game would be heaven! To this Web site's creator thanks for the unbelievable depth of information
Nov 19, 2003 - W.A
Dec 8, 2003 - S.Korea
Thank you -this site helped me very much to understand playing the game.
I am much appreciated.
God Bless this site. ^-^
Giovanni Garonetti
Dec 16, 2003 - Italy
Excellent Job!
Dec 21, 2003 - USA
Thank you SO MUCH for making this site!
I have never seen such detailed and in-depth explanations of a game before! I have printed out multiple pages for reference. Thank you so much again!!!
dwayne vanderstiggel
Dec 23, 2003 - belgium
i was really suprised to find such a large and complete fansite of Emperor.
i'm so happy that i can find a solution for every problem i have with the game
according to me,this site took very much of the creator's time and i like to thank him for every effort he put in this site
Sheyla Rivera
Dec 29, 2003 - u.s.a
Jan 3, 2004 - usa
Are there any plans to add more campaigns to EMPEROR in 2004?
Jan 5, 2004 - Scotland
I love this game to bits and you have tons of info here for the newbie and pro! Keep up your great work!
Jan 13, 2004 - Australia
Great this has really helped me
Wai Guo Ren
Feb 3, 2004 - USA and Latin America
Excellent website. I mentioned it in the Emperor forum.
Kwafo Acquaah-Arhin
Feb 15, 2004 - the Netherlands
This is a good site if you want to now somethings of rise of the middle kindom, even better than te official site.
Feb 16, 2004 - U.S.A Maryland
This game is very cool and fun.
James Beer
Feb 24, 2004 - UK
Great site wonderfully put together.
Wonderfull attention payed to the intracies of the game.
Well done.
Ramon Robinson
Feb 27, 2004 - United States
Great game. Question. How come not all of the heroes like confuscius come to the city?
Mar 8, 2004 - usa
Thanks for creating this beautiful site. I found it helpful, easy to use and a pleasure to journey through.
Mar 15, 2004 - Finland
These are the best fan-sites that i've seen in my life
Angel Rodriguez
Mar 29, 2004 - USA
Awesome fan site...really! So much info, I wish I had found you when I was first playing the game. Great job!
Mar 29, 2004 - malaysia
Apr 14, 2004 - spain
I liked your site very much. Thanks!
Asaba Owerri
May 10, 2004 - lagos
I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up.
May 21, 2004 - USA
This site is awesome!
You had just what I was looking for.
Keep up the good work.
Jun 11, 2004 - Surrey, England
Great site, keep up the good work
Jul 11, 2004 - Poland
Great game and superb site!
Greetings from Poland.
Jul 13, 2004 - USA
Having alot of experience with help sites for city building games, I have to tell you that your site is excellent in every way. It should be used as a template for every help site!
Your work is very much appreciated and has added alot to my enjoyment of Emperor. Many thanks.
Jennie Grant
Jul 24, 2004 - Canada
I am on my third time around playing Emperor. It is,in my opinion,the best of the city building series thus far. I have just today discovered this site. I wish I had found it a lot sooner. It is a terrific site,a job well done. While I have been using spies,I haven't been using them to the max,until today that is. I also have not been watching for spies in my cities,altho yesterday,I did see a blind man tapping his way around with a cane and did wonder about him. I had noticed several times that out of 6 or so forts there would often be one that had no supplies. It seemed that short of deleting and replacing that fort I couldn't get weapons and wood to go there,or maybe they were just being stolen. I have recently talked several of my friends into buying the game,and I have sent them the addy for this site. This will now save me answering all those " how do I " questions. Thank you.
Maria Angelina
Aug 22, 2004 - Malaysia
Still have a problem with Building City Gate even i followed the instruction.
Please share some lanscaping of the houses (design)
Aug 23, 2004 - finland
This is a nice site with lots and lots of helpful tips for many aspects of this wonderful game. Thank you :)
Sep 14, 2004 - US
great looking site very nice and helpful, kudos ^_^
Gábor Nagy
Oct 21, 2004 - Hungary
I bought this game a week ago.It's a beautiful game:colours,shapes...etc.I wanted to know more about emperor,so I searched a page about it.It was this site,wich a really good site.I congratulations!
Oct 30, 2004 - china
Great site!
Chris Montrose
Nov 14, 2004 - United States
Your site is great, I've used it consistently to help me with the game. I do have one problem. I also installed the patch, but I still can't access the online scenerios, it keeps telling me to download the the patch again. It appears a lot of people are having the same problem. Any suggestions. You can e-mail me your answer. Thanks
Dec 14, 2004 - US
Nice site, lots of information. Thanks.
Also, I played every game of this city building series (starting from Caesar), this one is the most refined.
Gary Walshire
Dec 17, 2004 - USA
Excellent stratagy game. Keeping the heros happy is the hardest part.
Feb 1, 2005 - UK
Wow... i've only just got the game in 2005! Haha... well, brilliant page, u must have spent ages putting everything together! Played this game once already, quite a lot to get into... but love the challenge! Need to sort out my trade, think i left it way too late in the game to start trading. Thanks for the tips... will return once i've conquered the game!
Feb 3, 2005 - loLz
anyone knows a site that has alot of custom campaigns?
Feb 3, 2005 - The Netherlands
Try Emperor Heaven, they have quite a few custom campaigns.